Speed up development with CRUDERRA
Design APIs, create UMLs, DFCDs, form gateways and HTTP responses and more in a single service
A unified picture of architecture
Understanding security weaknesses
Create a detailed ToR for developers
14 Day
for 5 users
$20 /month
for 10 users
$70 /month
for 20 users
$510 /month
Combine 5+ services in one RAAPI
Generate documentation for international formats in a single platform
Subdivisions of the IT team will be able to develop the task in parallel
Speed up new releases
Data Flow Components Diagram
  • Displays data flows between system/service components and clients
  • Displays API endpoints and UML Sequence Diagrams
  • Displays external services and how to communicate with them
Interaction with the development team
We are creating a product for Backend design and description of its use case scenarios for client-server architecture systems. Cruderra allows you to design detailed requirements in a clear language for developers, testers, security guards, and auditors. This simplifies and speeds up the development process. The greatest effect is achieved when the results of the work need to be communicated between a large number of developers
You can specify which proxy servers you use and set general rules for them
  • Traffic policy templates
  • HTTP Headers and methods management
  • HTTP Requests and Responses management
APIs - Open API 3.1
We support the Open API 3.1 standard and expanded it with additional functionality
  • Topics
  • Models
  • Database
  • Mappings
We have added a new tool for model mappings
  • Field binding
  • Filters & transformation functions
  • Calculated fields
Fast design UML sequence diagrams with reusable components
  • Intuitive visual editor
  • Creation via program code
  • Auto detailing diagram
You can also design the usage of the API on the client-side
  • Display only methods that are used
  • Local database support
  • Designing API and DB data binding
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