Data Flow Components Diagram
  • Displays data flows between system/service components and clients
  • Displays API endpoints and UML Sequence Diagrams
  • Displays external services and how to communicate with them
Fast design UML sequence diagrams with reusable components
  • Intuitive visual editor
  • Creation via program code
  • Auto detailing diagram
APIs - Open API 3.1
We support the Open API 3.1 standard and expanded it with additional functionality
  • Topics
  • Models
  • Database
  • Mappings
You can specify which proxy servers you use and set general rules for them
  • Traffic policy templates
  • HTTP Headers and methods management
  • HTTP Requests and Responses management
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We have added a new tool for model mappings
  • Field binding
  • Filters & transformation functions
  • Calculated fields
You can also design the usage of the API on the client-side
  • Display only methods that are used
  • Local database support
  • Designing API and DB data binding
Are you a venture capital fund or business angels and need technical expertise for a startup project? Involve us as independent specialists
  • Almaz Khabibullin
    15 years in Tech (highly-loaded systems and industrial robotics). Founder of a $3M company called VR-MASTER. Leaded the development projects as a CEO for RusHydro, helicopter factory, vehicle factory, federal universities. Certified KUKA and Fanuc specialist. Technical expert of WorldSkills, hackathon jury member. Author of scientific publications about hardware development
  • Rinat Khabibullin
    Rinat Khabibullin - CTO. 15 years in Tech (highly-loaded systems and industrial robotics). Leaded the development projects as CTO for RusHydro, Movika (Sber), Autograph, federal universities. Certified KUKA specialist. Technical expert and hackathon jury member. Author of scientific publications about highly-loaded systems. Technical advisor and development trainer.
  • Alexey Kuzmin
    Business analyst
    Founder and E.D. "Project-X". Attracted $200K of investments in 2015. The project paid off in 2 years. Founder of the advertising service "Adgod" since 2019 Founder of the advertising agency Lord.House since 2019.
  • Vitaly Pivovarov
    Backend Team Lead
    10+ years of experience in the development of highly-loaded systems, such as URMD Letai, Sber (Movika), Tatneft Digital drilling. Certified Java SE 8 OCA developer, hackathon jury member, consultant.
  • Mike Matveev
    Backend Developer
    4+ years experience as Java developer. Strong practical skills with Java, microservices, Kubernetes, Kafka.
  • Ilmir Burganov
    Backend Developer
    5+ years in Tech as Java developer. Strong practical experience with microservices architecture, Kubernetes, Kafka.
  • Alexey Vidyakin
    Frontend Tech Lead
    6+ years in Tech. JS, TS, React, next, webpack, css, scss, git, git flow, docker, teamcity, next, REST API, WebSocket, unit tests.
  • Ruslan Akhmetzanov
    Frontend Developer
    3+ years of experience in the software development on JS, TS, React, redux, nextjs, nodejs, express, webpack, babel, eslint
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